Potassium Iodide Distribution

The Chester County Health Department offers Potassium Iodide tablets for those who live, work, or attend school within a 10 mile radius of the Limerick Nuclear Plant or Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station.

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Individuals eligible for the tablets includes those who: 
  • Live, work or attend school within a 10-mile radius
  • Have KI tablets that exceed their expiration date.
How do I get them?
The Health Department holds a KI distribution event at least once a year for community members to pick up KI tablets for their household. KI tablets can also be picked up or mailed to your home.
In the unlikely event of a radiological emergency, potassium iodide helps protect the thyroid against the harmful effects of radioactive iodine. Residents should only take potassium iodide tablets upon the direction of the Governor of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, or public health officials.

For more information about the KI program at the Chester County Health Department, call 610-344-6225.