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Post-Placement Evaluation form for Probation Officers

  1. Post-Placement Evaluation for Probation Officers
  2. 1. Structure and supervision provided were appropriate to the juvenile's needs.*
  3. 2. Placement staff were readily available and easy to reach.*
  4. 3. Placement contacts were informative, thorough, and accurate.*
  5. 4. Placement scheduled routine team meetings with ample notice to all parties.*
  6. 5. Placement provided written progress reports at least quarterly that focused on primary criminogenic risk/needs.*
  7. 6. Placement attended court hearings and provided testimony on targeted criminogenic needs.*
  8. 7. Placement informed JPO of any reportable incident(s) promptly and accurately. *
  9. 8. Placement Treatment Plan addressed criminogenic risk/needs.*
  10. 9. Placement staff submitted home pass requests accurately and in a timely manner.*
  11. 10. Placement provided appropriate coordination of the juvenile's mental health and substance use treatment services.*
  12. 11. Placement provided appropriate medical and dental care.*
  13. 12. Placement provided job skills and life skills programs.*
  14. 13. Placement ensured prompt enrollment in an appropriate educational program.*
  15. 14. Placement engaged the family via regular positive phone contacts/updates.*
  16. 15. The discharge plan was jointly developed with input from all team members.*
  17. 16. Discharge planning was timely and based on goal achievement and ongoing needs.*
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