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PSTC - Location, Prop, Equipment Usage Form

  1. Chester County Emergency Services logo
  2. Octorara Use Only
  3. Octorara Use Only
  4. Please indicate all locations/equipment/props utilized.
  5. Academic Building
  6. Law Enforcement Firing Range
  7. Tactical Village
  8. Vehicles
  9. Burn Building Rooms - Live Fire
  10. Gas Props (Ignition Box Required)
  11. Drill Tower Gas Burn Rooms
  12. Drill Tower/Sapper's Tavern
  13. Kidde Industrial Gas Prop
  14. Stand-Alone Props
  15. EMS Mannequins
  16. Ventilation Prop
  17. Flashover Simulator
  18. Smoke Generator - Portable
  19. Forcible Entry Doors - Portable
  20. Forcible Entry Windows – Portable
  21. Air Compressor Used
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