Am I eligible?

You are eligible if you:

  • are registered to vote in Chester County
  • enjoy meeting new people and serving the public
  • are detail oriented, able to take direction well, and not easily distracted
  • students are encouraged to volunteer

You are not eligible if you 

  • hold another elected position or work for any state, county or other government organization
  • are a member of a local board

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1. What are Pollworkers?
2. What do Pollworkers do?
3. How many people work at a precinct as pollworkers?
4. What is the time commitment?
5. What are the benefits to being a pollworker?
6. Are pollworkers paid?
7. Am I eligible?
8. How do I apply?
9. What happens if nobody runs as an election official or if an elected pollworker resigns?
10. How can I find out if my help is needed?
11. Do you provide training?
12. Are students allowed to help inside the polls?
13. Can a Committee person serve as an election official?