Does the CIR represent me as an attorney?

No, the CIR is part of the DAO, a law enforcement agency, and cannot give petitioners legal advice.

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1. What is the mission of the Chester County Conviction Integrity Review (CIR)?
2. Is the CIR a separate office from the Chester County District Attorney’s Office (DAO)?
3. What kinds of cases does the CIR review?
4. How do I request a review of my conviction?
5. Will all claims of innocence be reviewed?
6. Is my conviction eligible for review if I pleaded guilty?
7. Must there be forensic evidence available for DNA testing for the CIR to review a case?
8. Will the CIR review my sentence?
9. Will the CIR review early release requests or parole/probation violations?
10. What happens after I submit an application?
11. How quickly are applications processed?
12. If my case passes the initial screening process and gets selected for review, how will I know what is happening with my case?
13. Will I be exonerated if the CIR agrees to review my case?
14. Do I have to solve the case to get relief?
15. Can I appeal the decision of the CIR?
16. Does my application to the CIR extend, change, or replace my statutory rights to pursue my claim through the Pennsylvania Post Conviction Relief Act?
17. Is the CIR affiliated with the Innocence Project or Innocence Projects?
18. Does the CIR represent me as an attorney?