Are only farms able to be preserved?

The farmland preservation program is for productive farmland, however, Chester County has multiple programs in place to preserve multiple facets of land.  For more information please visit

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1. Where can I find a list of all Parks and Trails to visit?
2. Are there rules/regulations behind what types of gatherings can be held at the parks?
3. How many parks are there in Chester County?
4. What’s the biggest park in Chester County?
5. I’m interested in volunteering for the county’s parks and trails - how can I do so?
6. Are there hours or holidays that my local park is not open?
7. What kinds of wildlife are found in Chester County parks?
8. Is camping permitted in any of the parks or trails?
9. Can I host a party or gathering in my local park?
10. Is food/alcohol permitted if i’m hosting an event in the park?
11. What should I do if i see an injured animal?
12. Who can I speak to regarding press or news opportunities for the parks/trails/open space preservation?
13. Are there any special events or activities geared towards children?
14. Is hunting permitted in any of the parks?
15. Is personal/professional photography and video permitted in any of the parks/trails/open spaces or do I need a permit?
16. Is feeding the wildlife in the parks/trails permitted?
17. Are the parks/trails ever closed due to inclement weather? If so, where should I turn to to find this information?
18. Can I bring my dog to the County parks/trails?
19. I had a bad experience at the park, who can I speak to about this?
20. Are all parks/trails free to visit?
21. Can the parks accommodate visitors with disabilities?
22. Can I ride my horse at the parks?
23. Can weddings be held at the parks?
24. What activities are permitted on regional trails?
25. Can I take my ATV to any of the parks?
26. Can I ice skate on Chambers Lake?
27. Can I swim at any of the parks?
28. Can I fish/boat at Chambers Lake?
29. Can I fly my drone at a County park?
30. Can I use my metal detector at a County park?
31. Where can I find information on events being held in my local park?
32. I've noticed numerous Nature Preserves in the area. Are these owned by the County?
33. Who do I contact for information about local parks in my neighborhood?
34. Can I review the easement of a preserved property to see what is allowed?
35. I have a complaint or question about a preserve, farm or Township park that has been preserved by the county - who can I ask?
36. Are preserved farms open to the public?
37. What are the eligibility requirements for preserved farms?
38. How many farms has Chester County preserved?
39. How is the farmland preservation program funded?
40. Are only farms able to be preserved?
41. Are preserved farms inspected?
42. Is a conservation plan required for preserved farms?
43. Are landowners compensated for preserving their farms?
44. Where can I find a listing of all the farms preserved in Chester County?