Who is eligible?
  • Individuals convicted of the following offenses are eligible for Clean Slate if they have been crime free for 10 years since conviction, have completed all court-ordered obligations, and have paid all fines/costs/restitution in full:
    • Second and third degree misdemeanors (M-2/M-3) punishable by two years or less in prison
    • Summary Convictions
  • Additionally, non-conviction offenses/cases will be sealed automatically after 60 days.
    • Non-Convictions
      • Not Guilty, Withdrawn, Dismissed, Nolle Prossed, etc.
      • ARD & Drug Court Diversionary Programs

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1. What is Clean Slate?
2. Who is eligible?
3. Who is NOT eligible?
4. Who can see my record even after it's been sealed?
5. Am I obligated to disclose my arrest record to employers if it has been sealed under Clean Slate/Limited Access?
6. Can I file a petition for limited access if my case is not eligible for Clean Slate?
7. Can I file a petition for expungement even if my case has been sealed under Clean Slate?
8. How will I know if my case has been sealed under Clean Slate?
9. What proof can be provided to show that my case has been sealed?
10. What if my case was not sealed?