Why is strategic planning important?
Chester County’s strategic plan makes clear what the County does, how well it does it, what it costs, and the benefit Chester County citizens receive. It helps the Commissioners, and all County departments, to prioritize their efforts, maximizing the services provided, at the most efficient cost.

Strategic planning offers the opportunity to:

  • Review and realign the focus and direction of an organization,
  • Provide a road map for achieving that direction,
  • Identify how resources should be allocated,
  • Engage and energize all members of the organization. For Chester County, this relates to the Commissioners, department heads, all employees, and Chester County citizens.

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1. What is strategic planning?
2. Why is strategic planning important?
3. What is Managing for Results (MFR)?
4. Where can I find the overall priorities, goals, and key performance measures?
5. How did the Commissioners come up with the goals?