What If an Abuser Violates the PSVI Order?
In most cases, the victim should immediately call the police if the abuser doesn't keep to ("violates") the terms of the PSVI order. According the PSVI Act, the police can and should arrest the abuser for any violation of the PSVI order. The only exception is that the police cannot arrest an abuser for not paying expenses and support as ordered.

A defendant who violates a PSVI order can be arrested and charged with a crime called indirect criminal contempt. The victim may be asked to testify about the violation at a court hearing. If the court finds the defendant guilty of violating the PSVI order, the court can give jail time, probation, and/or fines.

Even though the police may arrest and charge an abuser for indirect criminal contempt, the abuser may be released before the hearing.

It is important for victims to have their certified PSVI orders with them whenever they are traveling. A certified copy is stamped "Certified" in red with a raised seal and initialed by the court.

It is also a good idea to have multiple copies of the order for work, home, and/or school.

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