How can my local Domestic Violence Center help?
In Chester the County the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County (DVCCC) can assist with matters related to domestic violence. Their toll-free number is 1-877-711-6270 or the local number which is 610- 431-1430.

A domestic violence advocate can help victims with many services. They may be able to help victims fill out a PFA petition or go with the victim to court. Advocates can give victims information about the county PFA process and help victims to make a safety plan.

What a victim says to a domestic violence program advocate is confidential. By law, an advocate cannot repeat what victims tell them, even if called into court by a judge. The only exception is that the advocate must report it if the victim reveals that a child is in danger of being abused. Confidentiality between victims and advocates means that victims can speak freely about their circumstances and plan
for their future safety.

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