Will the Department of Veterans Affairs pay for my funeral services if I am a Veteran?
VA Cash Benefits For Reimbursement of Burial Expenses - $300 is available for an honorably discharged veteran if they were receiving a pension or disability benefits from the VA at the time of death; or the death occurred in a VA hospital, or VA contracted health care facility.

Active Duty or Service Connected Death - $2,000 is available if the veteran died during active duty, or if an honorably discharged veteran died of a service-connected injury.

Burial Plot Allowance - $300 is available for an honorably discharged veteran not interred in a cemetery that is under the jurisdiction of the US government if the veteran was receiving a pension or disability benefits from the VA at the time of death or if the death occurred in a VA hospital, or VA contracted health care facility.

Transportation Allowance - Transportation allowance will be reimbursed by the VA for transportation expenses from the place of death to the funeral home and to the cemetery for a veteran who died in a VA hospital, or VA contracted health care facility.

US flag - An honorably discharged veteran is entitled to a US flag provided by the Veterans Administration. The American flag is used to drape casket of veteran, after which it may be given to next of kin, close friend or associate of the deceased.

Headstone or Marker - A headstone or grave marker is provided without charge and shipped at Government expense to the consignee designated to mark the burial site of eligible veterans. The cost of placing the marker in a private cemetery must be borne by the applicant. Applicants are cautioned to ensure the correctness of all information. In a National Cemetery, a veteran, spouse and dependent children receive a free headstone. We suggest that if burial will be in a private cemetery and a Government headstone or marker will be requested for the veteran’s grave, that the family complete VA Form 40-1330, Application for Standard Government Headstone or Marker in advance and place it with the veterans military discharge papers for use at the time of need.

Burial in a National Cemetery - Burial is available at all VA national cemeteries to any deceased veteran of wartime or peacetime service (other than for training) who was discharged under conditions other than dishonorable. Members of the Reserve and the Army and Air National Guard who die while performing or as a result of performing active duty for training may also be eligible. A deceased veteran who had entered active duty as an enlisted person after September 7, 1980. Also, any deceased veteran who has entered active duty after October 16, 1981. Said veteran must have had minimum active duty of 24 months, or the period for which he/she was called to active duty, or have had a hardship discharge, or a service-connected disability. Burial is also available to an eligible veteran's spouse minor child(ren) and, under certain conditions, to unmarried adult children. Headstones and markers are provided for the gravesites of those interred in national cemeteries. No application is required. Gravesites in (VA) national cemeteries cannot be reserved in advance. Families are encouraged to prepare in advance by discussing cemetery options, collecting the veteran’s military information including discharge papers, and by contacting the cemetery where burial is desired.

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