How does property tax relief work for “mixed use” properties?
For properties that contain both residential and non-residential portions, the part of the property occupied by the owner may qualify. The Homestead value for these properties will be the amount of the property that is equal to the portion of the dwelling that is used as the domicile of the owner. You are eligible to apply providing you indicate what percentage of the property is used solely as your residence in question number 10 on the Homestead/Farmstead Application.

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1. Who can apply for property tax relief?
2. How does property tax relief work for “mixed use” properties?
3. Why is it necessary to apply?
4. How and when must property owners apply?
5. How will property owners know when applications are approved?
6. Is there a fee to apply?
7. If an application is denied, is it possible to appeal?
8. How exactly will the reductions work on tax statements?
9. Will it be necessary to re-apply for a homestead/farmstead every year?
10. What is the contact information for the Chester County Homestead Office?