How do I, as the property owner, appeal an assessment and/or the effective date?

If the taxpayer does not agree with the assessment and/or effective date, the property owner has the right to file a Notice of Intention of Appeal with the Chester County Board of Assessment Appeals. This Notice of Intention of Appeal must be filed on or before the last day to appeal as indicated on the Assessment Change Notice. The last day to appeal, as indicated, pertains to both the assessment and the effective date. Upon receipt of the Notice, the Board of Assessment Appeals will schedule an appeal hearing and notify the taxpayer and the taxing authorities of the date and time. The taxpayer should be prepared to provide documentation and/or exhibits in support of his/her opinion of value and/or documentation to ascertain a “date certain” for the effective date, if this is at issue. In the event that the taxpayer remains dissatisfied after the Board’s action, further appeal can be taken to the Court of Common Pleas.

Download the Notice Of Intention Of Appeal Form 

Forms must be PRINTED, completed and returned to the Assessment Office (313 w. Market Street, Suite 4202, West Chester, PA 19382) by the appropriate filing date. (NO FAXES or ELECTRONIC COPIES please)

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