How long will support continue ?

Children are entitled to support until they are emancipated. In Pennsylvania, emancipation is defined as lasting until age 18, or until the child graduates high school, whichever occurs later. Emancipation may be later for children with special needs. That determination is up to the Court.

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1. Do I need an attorney to file for child support?
2. I want to file a support action. What kind of information do I need to bring to your office ?
3. How long will it take before I start receiving payments?
4. How long after my intake interview until my conference is scheduled ?
5. What happens if the defendant does not come to the initial conference?
6. What is the cost of Genetic (DNA) Testing?
7. What should I bring to the support conference?
8. I am still a minor, do I still need to appear for the conference?
9. I am afraid to be in the same room with the other party, but we are ordered to appear for a conference together. How can you protect me?
10. I have heard of a document called an Income and Expense form, do I need that?
11. What happens if I have filed for spousal support and the defendant challenges my right to get it?
12. How will the conference officer calculate the support obligation?
13. What does the conference officer consider “income?”
14. What is basic child support intended to cover?
15. Do I need an attorney to represent me at the conference ?
16. What if the other party does not appear at the conference ?
17. How long does a conference take ?
18. Can I speak to the conference office prior to my conference date?
19. How long will support continue ?
20. Does visitation affect the amount of the child support order?
21. What if the date and time of the conference is not good for me ?
22. What time must I appear for a Support Hearing ?
23. What if I don't appear ?
24. I can’t afford an attorney, but I want representation. What can I do?
25. What is the fee to file a petition?
26. Is there a fee for copies ?
27. How much does an employer take out of a defendant’s paycheck if the defendant does not make enough to meet his/her monthly support obligation?
28. Who do I inform if any of my personal information changes?
29. How far behind does a defendant have to be before we enforce an order?
30. Who is my enforcement officer?
31. How do I request an update on my case?
32. What techniques can be used to enforce my order?
33. How long do I have to pay child support?
34. Who do I call with custody, visitation or divorce questions?
35. Why do I feel as though your office is not on my side?
36. How far behind in payment do I have to be before I am considered delinquent?
37. How do I change an entry on my credit report?