Where can I find links to other service and/or treatment providers’ websites?
Many programs and agencies now have their own websites where you can access information directly from the agency’s website. Below are some of the more commonly used links:

http://www.state.pa.us : Pennsylvania Power Port gives information and links to various online Government services and programs. Driver’s license and registration services, requesting copies of birth and death certificates, and submitting applications for hunting and fishing licenses are some of the more commonly used services on this website.

www.referweb.net : Chester County Health and Human Services online Resource Directory

www.govbenefits.gov : Gives information about Government benefit eligibility and application.

www.dhs.state.pa.us : Gives information about the PA Department of Human Services (formerly the Dept. of Public Welfare).

www.compass.state.pa.us : Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Access to Social Services. Allows individuals and community based organizations to screen, to apply, and to renew a broad range of social services provided through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

pacareerlink.state.pa.us : Pennsylvania Career Link is a cooperative effort to provide one-stop delivery of career services to job seekers, employers and other interested individuals. These services are also available at the following Chester County locations:

Chester County CareerLink Office
Oaklands Corporate Center
479 Thomas Jones Way, Suite 500
Exton, PA, 19341

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4. Where can I find links to other service and/or treatment providers’ websites?
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