Does the recital refer to a patent?
You should consider the patent as the first official deed to your property. It was the final document in the process to claim unseated property, first from William Penn and later from his sons and the Commonwealth. The original records involved in the patent process (including warrants and surveys) are found at the Pennsylvania State Archives in Harrisburg. These records may contain additional information and researchers are encouraged to contact them for further assistance.

Pennsylvania State Archives Land Records

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1. Does the recital give you a grantor and grantee but leaves out the deed book and page reference?
2. Does the recital give a list of multiple transactions without specific references to some or all of those transactions?
3. Does the deed not have a recital at all?
4. Does the recital refer to a patent?
5. Does the recital refer to a will or an estate sale?
6. Does the recital refer to a Sheriff’s sale?
7. Do you have multiple tracts, each with its own recital?