If I am on probation or parole, can I live or travel wherever I want?

Offenders in compliance with the terms and conditions of their supervision may be granted permission to travel outside of the US with the approval of the receiving country, the assigned Parole Officer (PO),  the District Attorney’s Office (DA) and a Chester County Common Pleas Court Judge. A Temporary International Travel Permit must be filed with the Clerk of Courts after obtaining the above approvals. Leisure travel will not be granted for offenders who owe a balance of restitution and/or are not in compliance with their payment plan for fines and costs. The department strongly discourages the international travel of sex offenders and violent offenders.

Procedure: An offender requesting travel permission must inform their assigned PO prior to any travel plans being made to gain preliminary permission and to obtain the Temporary International Travel Permit. The PO will review the case to ensure that the offender is in good standing, requesting travel for a legitimate purpose, and if the purpose of the trip is for vacation that all restitution is paid in full and the offender is in compliance with his/her payment plan for fines and costs. The defendant’s attorney is responsible for completing the Temporary International Travel Permit and should first contact the Consulate General Office of the destination country to obtain permission to travel. If permission is granted, the defendant’s attorney may proceed with seeking approval and signatures from the DA’s office, the assigned PO and finally the Judge. The document must be filed with Chester County Clerk of Courts at least 10 business days prior to the scheduled date of departure with certified copies distributed to the PO and DA’s office. The offender will notify the PO within 24 hours upon return.

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