What is the timeline for submission?

2024 Tax Rebate Timeline

January 1 – December 31, 2023Members complete their service.
Around January 15, 20242024 Tax bills are mailed
January 31, 2024Notarized eligibility list must be posted
February 15, 2024Notarized eligibility list submitted to County.
December 31, 2024Last day to pay 2024 taxes
January 15, 2025Last day to apply for rebate

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1. What is the deadline to participate?
2. What is the timeline for submission?
3. How do I participate?
4. How do I find my parcel ID?
5. How will I receive my rebate?
6. I volunteer with multiple agencies. How do I qualify?
7. My household has multiple volunteers. How do we qualify?
8. How should I identify if I am both an emergency responder and administration?