How do I create a Medicare account?

A Medicare account is a helpful, online tool that you, as a Medicare beneficiary, can access easily. To set up an account, go to, click on the “Log in/Create Account” button, then click “create an account now” and follow the instructions. Once you create your username and password, and a security question, put them in a safe place where you will find them easily when needed. 

An online Medicare account has many useful features:

  • The ability to enter, save, and edit a list of your prescription drugs and preferred pharmacies. This simplifies using the Medicare Plan Finder to compare Part D (prescription) and Part C (Medicare Advantage) plans during the Annual Open Enrollment Period (Oct. 15 through Dec.7). Without an account, you must enter your drug list each time you want to check your coverage. Even if you aren’t a regular computer user, having this available will be a big help to a PA MEDI counselor or other person helping you shop for your next plan.
  • Print a copy of your Medicare card if yours is damaged or lost.
  • View your current plans, including the subscriber number.
  • If you have Original Medicare, you can view the details of your claims as soon as they are processed, and view claims up to 36 months old. Your Medicare Summary Notices are also available, and if you want, you can receive them electronically rather than wait for paper copies in the mail. Any of this information can be downloaded and printed  (Those with Medicare Advantage Plans can get all claims information through the plan provider.) 
  • Choose to receive email notifications from Medicare with information about preventive services and account alerts.

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