Can I pay my Township or School taxes at the Treasurer's Office?

The Chester County Treasurer collects for some townships and boroughs but not for school districts. The authority for your school tax is the school district in which you reside. Any township tax imposed on your residence is under the authority of your local municipality. Municipalities collected by the Chester County Treasurer (listed by municipal number and name):

01 - West Chester Borough
06 - Oxford Borough
07 - Atglen Borough
09 - South Coatesville Borough
10 - Modena Borough
12 - Honey Brook Borough
22 - Honey Brook Township
28 - West Caln Township
29 - West Brandywine Township
32 - Upper Uwchlan
34 - West Pikeland Township
38 - Valley Township
40 - East Caln
35 - Charlestown Township
47 - East Fallowfield Township
50 - West Bradford Township
51 - East Bradford Township
53 - East Goshen
54 - Willistown Township
55 - Easttown Township
56 - Lower Oxford Township
58 - Penn Township
60 - New Garden Township
63 - Pocopson Township
65 - Birmingham Township
72 - Franklin Township

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