Replacement Area Policy

In accordance with Act 537, Section 3(1) and 3(7), it will be the policy of this Department to require the location, testing and preservation of a replacement area when one or more of the following situations exist:
  1. The lot is less than one acre;
  2. The lot is one acre or more but contains large areas which are unsuitable for an absorption area (steep slope, rock outcrops, flood plains, wetlands, unsuitable soils) or exhibit marginal soil characteristics (high or perched water table or slow perc rate)
  3. The system will be serving two or more lots (Community System).
In these instances, the replacement area must be suitably tested to ensure that a replacement area will be available in case the original system malfunctions. The testing should include a deephole, but may involve a perc test if the Sewage Enforcement Officer feels that the situation warrants the additional testing. The location of the replacement area must be located on the plot plan and on the sewage and well applications.