Worksite Wellness Program


How can we help with your Worksite Wellness Program?

The Chester County Health Department can assist Chester County businesses by making their wellness programs as effective as possible. This process involves:
  • an assessment of your current program using the CDC scorecard (see below)
  • creating an action plan for the wellness program
  • lending technical assistance for one year or longer to implement programs.

What is the CDC Worksite Health Scorecard?

The CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard (HSC) is a tool designed to help employers assess the extent to which they have implemented evidence-based health promotion interventions in their worksites.

The Scorecard is a series of "yes or no" questions broken down by category (tobacco policy, stress management, etc.) If a worksite scores low in preventing heart disease and stroke, the CCHD Public Health Educator might suggest conducting health screenings (cholesterol, BMI, blood pressure) for the employees or planting a community garden for easy access to fresh foods.

How can your worksite complete the CDC Worksite Health Scorecard?

The Scorecard can be completed as a group activity with assistance from one of our Public Health Educators and your worksite's wellness committee, human resources and management. The Scorecard can also be broken down by category and spilt among an existing worksite wellness committee for completion. The Scorecard typically takes 45 minutes to complete in a group setting. It is helpful to reference your employee handbook, policy manual or benefits package information for some sections of the Scorecard.

How will CCHD assist my worksite after the Scorecard assessment?

CCHD has grant funding through the Pennsylvania Department of Health to assist in completing the Scorecard and writing a Worksite Health Improvement Plan. One of our Public Health Educators create an "action plan" based on your Scorecard results that would be beneficial to your worksite. Your business can then decide which initiative(s) they would like to implement. The Public Health Educator then acts as a technical assistant for the following year to plan and implement worksite wellness.