DEP Forms

Site Investigation and Percolation Test Report (3800-FM-WSFR0290A) - This form is to be utilized to record the results of site testing for installation of an onlot system.

Sewage Facilities Planning Module Application Mailer (3800-CD-BCW0359) - for proposing a new land development project.

Component 1 - Exception to the Requirement to Revise the Original Plan (3800-FM-WSFR0350) - for proposing onlot sewage disposal for smaller scale, new land development projects under specific conditions provided in the instruction form. Click here for form instructions

Component 2 - Individual and Community Onlot Disposal of Sewage (3800-FM-WSFR0352) - for individual or community onlot sewage disposal systems, retaining tanks or DEP permitted large volume onlot sewage disposal systems.

Component 3, Sewage Collection and Treatment Facilities (3800-FM-WSFR0353) - for proposing sewage treatment plants, or connection, construction, expansion, or extension to public or private community sewerage systems.

Component 3S, Small Flow Treatment Facilities (3800-FM-WSFR0353s) - for proposing small flow sewage treatment facilities (individual treatment plants with flows no greater than 2,000 gallons per day) and final disposal to a stream or other method approved by DEP.

Component 4, Planning Agency or Health Dept Review ( 3800-FM-WSFR0362A or 3800-FM-WSFR0362B or 3800-FM-WSFR0362C ) Used in conjunction with other sewage facilities planning documents to obtain required comments from local, county and health department agencies.

Request For Planning Waiver and Non-Building Declaration (3800-FM-BPNPSM0349) - Used by persons proposing subdivisions which do not involve creation of new sewage facilities.