Non-Secure Shelter Respite Program

The Shelter Respite program will provide a non -secure, safe, and structured 48-hour weekend intervention for females between the ages of 10 and 21 who are under the jurisdiction of the Chester County Court of Common Pleas and live in the County of Chester. The recommended length of the program is four weekends.

The program’s purpose is to provide a graduated response to violation of supervision while at the same time, provide age appropriate activities including, life skills, competency development programs, and recreation.With direct supervision and pro-social role modeling, the staff will provide structure and accountability while addressing the physical, emotional, and social needs of each resident. The youth will be encouraged to bring homework to complete during the program or those areas of academics identified as needing support will be provided for.

The respite program is a collaborative effort designed to work closely with the Chester County Juvenile Probation department and the Chester County Department of Children, Youth, and Family Services. All participating youth must be referred by either one of these agencies or ordered to attend by the Chester County Court of Common Pleas.