Certified Food Manager Program

Certified Food Manager Courses

The Chester County Health Department requires most retail food facilities to have at least one employee who has a CCHD Certified Food Manager certificate. Any course that results in a valid "Nationally Accredited Food Manager Protection Certificate" is acceptable as reciprocity to obtain the CCHD certificate. These programs currently include:

Visit ansi.org for additional Ansi-Certified classes.

The following agencies have historically worked with the Health Department to provide these courses:

Completion of an accredited course will result in a food safety manager certificate that is valid for five years. After you receive a certificate for successfully completing the class, you must submit the class certificate to the Health Department, along with the CFM application and payment. 

Please be wary of online courses, especially those with a minimal fee. If the course does not result in an ANSI-CFP 5-year certificate, it is not acceptable. For questions about courses, call 610-344-6689.

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