Fluoridated Public Water Supplies

Many public water supplies contain fluoride, an additive that has been found to be beneficial to the dental hygiene of humans. Not all public water supply systems add fluoride to all of the water they supply, depending on the source and other factors.

The following is a list of those public water supply systems that are providing fluoridated water to their customers:
  • Chester Water Authority
  • Downingtown
  • London Grove Municipal Authority
  • North Coventry Water Authority
  • Pennsylvania American
  • Phoenixville
The water companies listed above provide water that is fluoridated. Some of these companies purchase water from other sources that provide the water already fluoridated. It is advised that customers verify this with their water supplier.

The following is a list of those public water supply systems that provide some portion of their customers with fluoridated water:
  • Aqua Pennsylvania
  • Kennett Square
  • Oxford
These companies supply water from both surface water and groundwater well sources. Normally, the water that originates from groundwater well sources is not fluoridated. Therefore, certain areas serviced by these water companies may not be receiving fluoridated water. Customers should check with their water supplier to determine if they receive fluoridated water at their location.

The information above is true to the best knowledge of the Chester County Health Department. Residents are advised to contact their water supplier to verify this information.

Chester County Fluoridation Map