Foster/Kinship Family Care

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Foster Care is temporarily caring for a child until his or her parent or parents can resume full responsibility. The goal of foster care is to provide for the physical, emotional, and social needs of children in a "substitute" family setting until the child's own family can be reunited.

The Foster/ Kinship Family Care Program provides temporary foster or kinship care for children who need out-of-home placement and may eventually provide permanency for those children, including an adoptive home. In Chester County, a resource parent could be a foster or kinship parent.   

Kinship Care

Kinship Care is the agency's first consideration for placement if a child needs to be removed from the home. This is a family or individual who has an existing relationship with the child and/or the child's family. Kinship families can be and will be considered throughout the child’s involvement with services.  When reunification is not possible children have the potential to remain with family. Supportive services are offered to the kinship resource family. Family members are able to become foster parents through a training and home study process

Together, the foster and kinship parents and the agency work to help children in placement achieve permanence, safety, and well-being.


  • Must be at least 25 years of age
  • Attend an orientation, pre-service training, and have an approved home study completed by our agency
  • Background clearances
  • A home or apartment that meets basic standards as set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS)
  • An adequate income to support your own family
  • Willingness to work in partnership with the caseworker and others in planning for the child

Interested? Please complete our Resource Family Program Form.

For more information on foster care, call 610-344-5775 or send us an email.

If you belong to a group or organization that would be interested in learning more about the foster/kinship family care program, please contact us to arrange a presentation by calling 610-344-5800.

Foster Care Parent Brochure