Water Quality Improvement / TMDLs

The following web pages provide a variety of information, tools and resources to assist municipalities, conservation organizations, property owners and others interested in understanding stream impairments and taking actions to improve the water quality of Chester County's streams.

What is a Watershed - And How Does It Work?
Understanding what a watershed is and how it works is the first step to improving water quality.
Rain garden in the Dansko Headquarters parking lot. Penn Township, Chester County

Chester County Water Quality Summary: Chloride Fact Sheet

Find out how chloride, frequently used in roadway de-icing, affects county watersheds.

Impaired Streams of Chester County
  • There are also online mapping tools which provide information on the impairments that are listed by PADEP for the waters in Chester County. The "Water Resources of Chester County Tabbed Viewer" and the "2014 Impaired Waters View by "Cause" Web Map" are two good tools to start with, although many of the other CCWRA online maps also allow the user to view impaired waters information.
 MS4 Resources
  • Various resources available to assist municipalities with their development of stormwater management maps include GIS data layer map package and scanned copies of the PA DEP Workshop materials.
TMDLs (Total Maximum Daily Loads) in Chester County
  • Information, .pdf maps, and Implementation Plans are some of the resources on TMDLs to help communities and municipalities affected by TMDLs. Also accessible from this page are information on the Chesapeake Bay TMDL and Watershed Implementation Plan (PA WIP) and the Christina Basin TMDL and Implementation Plan (CTIP).
  • There are online mapping tools which provide information on the TMDLS that are in effect for the different watersheds in Chester County. The "Watersheds with TMDLs" map and the "MS4 Pollution Reduction Tabbed Viewer" are the two tools that have information on TMDLs. The "Christina River Basin Subbasins with TMDL Load Reductions" identifies subbasins with nutrient or sediment load reductions.
USGS/Chester County Water Quality Monitoring Programs
Monitoring data and information gathered by USGS scientists for Chester County (water quality, turbidity/sediment, and biodiversity) provide scientific data to help assess the state of our watersheds.

Keeping Streams Clean: Water Quality Information Resources
Several materials and resources are available here for informing the public and property owners of the importance of protecting water quality of our streams and groundwater.