Sustainable Water Supply Management

Everything we do on the land surface impacts the water quality or quantity of water in our streams and groundwater to some degree.  These impacts can cause changes in stream hydrology, stream geomorphology, stream water quality, and stream ecology.
Part of CCWRA's mission is to provide information and planning assistance to the citizens, communities, businesses, organizations, and/or agencies of Chester County to help ensure that these impacts and changes do not adversely affect the safety, health and prosperity of the communities of Chester County.  By participating in regional water issues CCWRA is able to provide best available technical information and water management concepts that support sustaining the natural quality, quantity and biodiversity of the County's water resources.
CCWRA also assists with sustainable water management by providing reservoir water supplies, through planned and managed water releases from the Authority's Chambers Lake Reservoir.  These releases assist with stream flow management and ensure adequate and sustainable water supplies to citizens in Chester County and other downstream municipalities.
Chambers Lake, located on the Birch Run, supports water use in the greater Coatesville area

Water Conservation and Drought Information

Stream Flows and Reservoir Level

In-stream flow management in the Brandywine Creek is supported by Chambers Lake Reservoir and Marsh Creek Reservoir during low flow periods. When flows at the Pennsylvania/Delaware state line (as measured at the USGS stream gage at Chadds Ford, PA) decline below 140 cubic feet per second (cfs), releases are often made from Chambers Lake Reservoir and/or Marsh Creek Reservoir.