About Us


Leading and innovating to create a community where all people are valued and enjoy fulfilling lives.


The Chester County Department of MH/IDD administers publicly funded services in the areas of Mental Health, Intellectual Disability, and Developmental Disabilities (Early Intervention). Guided by compassion, respect, and a commitment to consumer choice, we are dedicated to providing services and supports that help people lead quality lives.

Early Intervention

Services for children age 0-3 with developmental delays. Service Coordinators work with families to explain services, schedule screenings, and arrange services for eligible children. They make sure services are delivered as planned, and provide information about other community resources. Services are available at no charge to the family.

Mental Health

Services and supports for persons in mental health recovery. The program contracts with 6 core provider agencies in the county that are the points of entry for services. The core providers arrange mental health assessments and services. They help with insurance applications and finding other helpful resources in the community.

Intellectual Disability

Services and supports for people diagnosed with intellectual disability. The program contracts with local and regional agencies to provide most services. Supports Coordinators work with individuals and families (at no charge) to identify needs and appropriate services within funding limits.