Mental Health/Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

The Chester County Mental Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Department has a special update regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

We recognizes that many individuals, families, and caregivers are eager to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations.  The Chester County Health Department is doing everything it can to clearly communicate vaccination updates to the public, and to efficiently coordinate and administer vaccines upon receipt of supplies.  As vaccines become available, eligible individuals will have the opportunity to schedule appointments.

Please visit for the most up to date information and information on how to pre-register for your COVID-19 vaccine

Our office is currently closed.  In-person meetings are available by appointment only.

MH Resources During COVID-19

  • For a mental health emergency, call Valley Creek Crisis Intervention anytime at 610-280-3270.
  • For non-emergency situations call Valley Creek’s Warm Line at 866-846-2722
  • For support and referrals from the state, call PA’s Help & Referral Line at 855-284-2494
  • Crisis Text Line: Text “PA” to 741-741
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255
Human Services COVID-19 Guide
First Responders and Front Line Healthcare workers
MH Survey English March 5
MH Survey Spanish March 5

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Administration and Supports Coordination

  • Intake-Please call 610-344-6029 and leave a message

EI Administration and Services Coordination

  • Offices- Early Intervention SC Unit and administration is fully operating. The Service Coordination Unit is receiving referrals, conducting intake meetings, and developmental evaluations virtually via tele-intervention, which remains the priority and the preferred mode of intervention. For general assistance, please call: 610-344-4626. If you are currently receiving Early Intervention services, please call your service coordinator if you have any questions or needs. 
  • Referrals- We continue to take referrals for Early Intervention evaluation. Referral can be made electronically by clicking this link – EI Online Referral, or call 610-344-5948 to make a referral. Someone will answer your call and take basic information. An Early Intervention Service Coordinator will be assigned to you and will follow-up to discuss next steps
  • Services- Per the guidance from OCDEL Bureau of Early Intervention and Family Supports, it is recommended that when a community is in Substantial risk of transmission of COVID-19, tele-intervention strategies are used to implement the IFSP. Tele-intervention is the lowest risk service delivery strategy.

Mental Health

Mental Health services contracted through Chester County are considered essential and life sustaining services. Provider agencies listed on our website are operating, but may have been given authority to operate differently. Some may be utilizing telehealth or have temporary policy changes. Individuals needing mental healthcare should reach out to the providers as usual. The County Mental Health administrative offices are closed and staff is working remotely and available to respond to your questions. Please send us an email at [email protected], and someone will respond.

For up-to-date provider information related to provision of service guidance from OMHSAS/DHS please visit the PA Department of Human Services

Mental Health

If you or someone you care about is experiencing a mental health or emotional crisis, call 610-280-3270.  The Valley Creek Crisis Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are feeling lonely, depressed, or anxious or just want to talk, call Chester County’s warm line, 1-866-846-2722.  This line is manned by trained individuals in recovery.

The Office of Mental Health is an administrative office that contracts with local agencies to provide mental health services. Typically, residents without health insurance may qualify for some county funding. Six local agencies serve as entry points to assess needs and help provide services.

Mental Health First Aid Classes - These classes are now being scheduled offered virtually.  Please use this link for class information.