Support Procedure

The support procedure is also a multi-step process. A complaint for support is filed with the Domestic Relations Office at Intake; or a Motion to Modify Support is filed. A support conference is held with a conference officer and a temporary order is put into place. Either party may request a hearing before a Hearing Officer. Information regarding the support process can be found in Rule 1910

Support Hearing

The hearing held before the Hearing Officer is a record proceeding, meaning that a Court Reporter will be present and a full evidentiary trial will be held. The Hearing Officer will rule on evidence and make findings either at the hearing, or depending on the nature of the facts, at some time in the future. Either party may file exceptions (appeal) to the Hearing Officer's report; however, the review by the Court of Common Pleas Judge is on the record that was already made in front of the Hearing Officer. There is no additional evidence heard by the Court. Either party may request oral argument. The Court then rules on the issues raised on the trial record.