Rita Mounayar

In April 2023 Ranger Rita joined the Chester County Rangers. She brings Ranger experience from all over the country. Rita feels grateful and lucky to come to work to do what she has always been called to do, which is serve the public. Rita is a proud graduate of Coatesville Area Senior High School and West Chester University. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology as well as a Minor in Anthropology. Rita has been a park ranger since 2011, when she took an internship with the NPS at Assateague Island National Seashore. 

Rita’s favorite thing about being a park ranger is that every day is different. Each park Rangers work at presents a unique experience for visitors, as well as for those who steward over them. As a Biological Science Tech at Valley Forge National Park, Rita hunted and removed invasive crayfish. For the AK Dept. of Fish & Game she harvested salmon heads for the genetic stock ID project of SE Alaska. White she was In Maine, at Acadia National Park’s busiest campground, she facilitated visitors safely viewing the solar eclipse of 2017 while they waited to check-in. Rita has led many visitors through Independence Hall, and even assisted an unsighted person in experiencing the Liberty Bell by guiding their gloved hand to the crack & explaining how it got there. 

In New Mexico at White Sands NPS Rita managed a heard of invasive antelope called Oryx, led interpretive sunset hikes, cleared expansive patches of tumbleweed, participated in search and rescues, and personally witnessed more shooting stars in New Mexico than during the rest of her life combined. And that’s just at one single park location! A wide range of varied duties is one of the great things about serving on the Chester County Team. Rita is delight in never knowing what they’ll ask her to do next! Be that lead a farm tour and introduce our donkeys to school-aged children at Springton Manor Farm or take out a brother and sister pair for their first ever canoeing experience on Chambers Lake! 

It is truly a full circle moment for Ranger Mounayar to return home as the ranger she left to become. In high school Rita wrote a research paper about becoming a park ranger which contained photos taken at Hibernia. She had my 13th birthday party, High School grad party, and my baby shower all at Hibernia’s pavilions. Even before working here, her friends and family would call it ‘My Park.’’ Now Rita is an active part in watching over and taking care for the invaluable natural spaces and the community it serves. Rita has been visiting and appreciating her whole life. As a Chester County native, she is so very grateful for the lucky chance to serve as a ranger in the very park system in which my love of the outdoors began. Look for me at one of my ranger-led programs, or you can find me out exploring the extensive trail network in our parks. And be sure to say ‘Hello!’

Ranger Rita Mounayar