Whole Home Repairs Program

The Whole-Home Repairs Program assists eligible low-moderate-income Chester County homeowners in making critical repairs so their homes are habitable, safe, accessible, and healthy.

Chester County WHR Program awards must be below the amount of $25,000 and will support labor and materials needed to complete home renovation activities.  Homeowners are required to meet program eligibility requirements and approved scopes of work will only include repairs that directly address immediate health, safety, habitability, and accessibility concerns. 

Chester County Whole-Home Repairs Program Policies and Procedures (9/29/23)

If you have an interest in the Whole-Home Repairs Program, please call 610-713-8088 or visit www.goodworksinc.org/whrp  .

Applications will be accepted until all funds have been awarded to eligible applicants.


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This Project was financed by a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Community & Economic Development and the Chester County Department of Community Development.