Shared Rides Provided by Aging Services

Senior copay is $1.00 for each of the follow types of rides via Chesco Connect:

  • Medical trips (if ineligible for MATP)
  • Adult Day Centers: AAA consumers only (AAA paid days only)
  • Adult Day Centers: 3 days VA sponsored depending on total household income
  • Senior Centers: includes participants of Kennett’s Assisted Senior Program
  • Grocery store (includes nearest food pantry)
  • Pharmacy
  • Visits to Chester County's Department of Aging Services
  • Voting
  • Aging Services sponsored events
  • Nursing facility visits for family members
  • Trips to and from the Housing Authority of Chester County

Apply Online at FindMyRide.Gov or call Community Transit at 610-344- 5545 for assistance in submitting your application.

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