Payment Methods

Fares can be paid by:

Cash - drivers do not make change, so please have the exact fare at the time of boarding.

Pre-Paid - pre-pay in advance by loading a pre-paid account Your fare will automatically be deducted from the pre-paid account when you board the vehicle. Call 610-344-5545 to learn more about pre-paid options. 

Senior Shared-Ride, Persons with Disabilities, or Medical Assistance Transportation Program

Rides must be reserved at least one day in advance by 1pm. But may be booked up to 30 days in advance. Fares range from free to $8.80 depending on the trip purpose and trip mileage. Reservations can be made Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Check to see if you qualify for these programs.

General Public Rides

Fares range from $13.35 to $58.65 depending on mileage. Below is a summary of fares by trip mileage The exact fare for a trip can be obtained by calling 610-344-5545.

Miles Copay Full Fare
0-4.99 $2.00 $13.35
5.00-10.99 $4.25 $28.05
11.00-16.99 $7.05 $46.95
17.00+ $8.80 $58.65

The Chester County Department of Aging provides additional funding for essential trips for seniors, which may further reduce the cost of your trip, depending on the trip purpose.