Community Transit

Beginning April 1, 2023, the responsibility for the majority of transportation services currently provided in Chester County by Rover Community Transportation will transition to a County-run Department of Community Transit. This new transportation service will be called Chesco Connect. Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions related to this transition. 

Will I still be able to ride on April 1?
All current rider services will continue as scheduled, but availability for rides in early April may be more limited than usual. Please check back frequently for updates.

Will Rover or Chester County provide my ride starting on April 1? 
Starting on April 1, the following riders will have their trips provided by the Chester County Community Transit Department, Chesco Connect:

  • Adults age 65 and older
  • Riders traveling to and from any health care or medical treatment provider that is covered by Medical Assistance
  • Persons with disabilities traveling for recreation, work, medical appointments and shopping trips
  • General public riders paying full fare

Riders that participate in these programs should call 610-344-5545 to schedule a ride. 

Riders with disabilities that take trips to day programming, workshops, clubhouses and similar facilities throughout the county will continue to have their rides provided by Rover Community Transportation. These riders and program partners should continue scheduling rides by calling Rover at 484-696-3854. 

Do I need to submit a new application to Chester County? 
No, all riders that have previously registered with Rover do not need to reapply for services.

Will the cost of my trip change? 
No, all fares will remain the same. 

I have a regularly scheduled routine or subscription ride. Do I need to do anything to continue these trips? 
No, all subscription trips or recurring rides will continue as scheduled. Riders with subscription trips do not need to take any action to keep their reservations. 

What do the Community Transit Department buses look like? Are they accessible?  
Chesco Connect buses look similar to the Rover vehicles. They are white buses with the blue and green Chesco Connect logo. They are ADA accessible and are equipped with wheelchair lifts. (ADD IMAGE OF BUS)

I am not a current Rover rider but want to learn more about transportation options in Chester County. Who should I contact?
Learn more about transportation services in Chester County by calling 610-344-5545. Check to see if you qualify for discounted or free transportation services on the Find My Ride website

Who should I contact with questions or concerns about the transition? 
Contact us with questions or concerns at 610-344-5545.