Phase 1

                                                                  Message from the Treasurer

There have been quite a few enhancements in the Treasurer’s office since I began 4 years ago. Among these changes has been digitizing of all possible documents. This permits us to access the information you need as quickly as possible, while maintaining your privacy more effectively than paper documents.

I am pleased to announce what we call Phase I. Phase I offers the next step in these overall (municipal where applicable) improvements with online access to your payment status. You will no longer need to have your invoice number. You can now look up your payment status using your full name or parcel number. You will also know about any tax amounts yet unpaid. We did this to minimize your frustration over tax time. You will also see all the properties in your name, even your investment properties within Chester County.

The municipality invoices are accessible only to those communities who have contracted for this service from the Treasurer’s office. Check with your municipality administration to learn if our office is handling their local tax. We are constantly adding new Municipalities requests for our service so we would direct you to your local officials to learn if your local tax bills are handled by Chester County Treasurer’s office.

As implied, Phase I is the first of several planned changes to our system. The goal is to make life a bit easier and your data more accessible 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

Stop back and see the other Phases as they become available.


Patricia Maisano

You can now check the status of your bill HERE