Monkeypox Info for Healthcare Providers

Testing and Specimen Collection

Currently, healthcare providers can test patients with suspected monkeypox. Specimens can be sent for testing to the following laboratories:

Contact the Labcorp or Quest directly for specific information on what is required to process a sample. Please refer to the Chester County Health Department’s Provider Letter for instructions on using the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Bureau of Laboratories. 

The Chester County Health Department receives all test results for monkeypox. For all positive test results, the Health Department will conduct an investigation and contact tracing. Any individual suspected of being a close contact of someone who tested positive for monkeypox will be contacted directly by the Chester County Health Department and given post-exposure recommendations. Individuals who have been told they are a close contact of a somone who does not live in Chester County but has tested positive for monkeypox should contact the Chester County Health Department to discuss post-exposure recommendations at 610-344-6225.

In cases of discordant and inconclusive results, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and CDC recommend retesting the patient. Until new test results are processed, the patient should continue to isolate.  

Additional Resources

More information for healthcare providers can be found here:

Monkeypox Health Alerts, Advisories & Updates

The PA Health Alert Network (PA HAN) serves as a communication network among state and local public health agencies, health care providers, hospitals and emergency management officials.

653 – 07/28/22 – ADV – ADVISORY: Revised Protocols Regarding the Use of Tecovirimat (TPOXX) for the Treatment of Monkeypox

649 - 07/08/22 - ADV - ADVISORY: Addition of Commercial Labs for Monkeypox Virus Testing

647 - 06/23/22 - ADV - ADVISORY: Updated Recommendations for Monkeypox Case Identification and Testing

643 - 05/20/22 - ADV - ADVISORY: Monkeypox Virus Infection in the United States and Other Non-endemic Countries

642 – 05/19/22 – ADV – ADVISORY: Monkeypox cases diagnosed in Europe, one identified in Massachusetts