Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Campaign

In a five-year period between 2015 and 2020, Chester County reported 521 traffic accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, including, sadly, 25 deaths (source: PennDOT). To help reduce both the number of accidents and the severity of the accidents, Chester County has created a bicycle and pedestrian safety campaign, joining with regional partners to provide simple – but impactful – safety guidance for everyone who uses the county’s roads and trails – whether walking, cycling, or driving.  

Transportation choices continue to expand throughout Chester County. Vehicle traffic continues to dominate the transportation network, but additional transportation choices are increasing, which can reduce traffic congestion, as well as promote a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment.  

The safest way to develop transportation choices is to create and maintain separate networks like bike lanes, sidewalks, and automobile lanes. But when separate lanes are not in place, or not possible, then sharing lanes while walking, cycling, or driving is necessary.  It is in these instances that safety awareness is crucial.  


Distracted walking and biking are just as real as distracted driving. Keep your head up and stay alert.

Attention drivers and walkers! Be safe out there!


Cyclists are just people on bikes. Drivers are just people in cars.


Bright colored clothing is the fashion for keeping safe on roads and trails. 



The objective of the Walk.Ride.Drive. Safety Campaign is to promote a positive message of safety and awareness while traveling on Chester County’s roads regardless of the mode of transportation.  


While recognizing the need to advance alternative modes of transportation and to improve the built environment, being aware of one’s commuting behavior and the unpredictability of others can help improve the safety of the public right of way for all users.