2022 R&J Work

In May 2022, the R&J Task Force sponsored a half-day discussion between law enforcement and Coatesville Area High School students facilitated by Pa. DMC Youth/Law Enforcement Corp. The event brought students and law enforcement together to promote positive relationships and educate youth about the role of law enforcement. The end goal was to reduce the volatile interactions between minority youth and officers, reduce unnecessary youth arrests, and diminish the risk of injuries to officers and youth during encounters.

In October 2022, the DAO, in partnership with the R&J Task Force, will host a Student & Law Enforcement Forum where students come to the Justice Center for an overview of the criminal justice system, a panel discussion with law enforcement and members of the Task Force, and a role-playing activity. The morning will end with students and presenters breaking bread over lunch.

The Task Force is also discussing a workshop series for students at area universities and colleges in Fall 2022.