1. 2015_1209 Accused Drug Dealer and Juvenile Probation Employee Charged With Witness Intimidation
  2. 2015_1201 Corporate Executive Arrested for Stealing From Police and Fire Supply Store
  3. 2015_1130 Westtown-East Goshen Police to Receive DA Commendation
  4. 2015_1123 Three New Prosecutors Sworn In
  5. 2015_1118 Chief of Detectives Retires
  6. 2015_1117 Chester County Child Advocacy Center Nationally Accredited
  7. 2015_1109 Chester County Prosecutor Chosen to Join U.S. Department of Justice
  8. 2015_1106 Needles in Candy Report Not True
  9. 2015_1028 DAO Recognizes Impact of Lethality Assessment Program in Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  10. 2015_1005 West Caln Mother Arrested for Injecting Heroin into Daughter and Other Child
  11. 2015_1005 Five Charged in Coatesville Homicide
  12. 2015_0930 Drug Addicts Terrorize Elderly Veteran in Violent Home Invasion Robbery
  13. 2015_0915 Report on Firearm in Car at School
  14. 2015_0827 DAO Findings Regarding Shooting at Chester County Justice Center
  15. 2015_0825 Attack and Lockdown at Chester County Justice Center
  16. 2015_0824 Pennsylvania State Police to Receive DA Commendation
  17. 2015_0821 Homicide in East Bradford
  18. 2015_0821 Four Arrested in East Bradford Robbery, Homicide
  19. 2015_0819 Director of College Counseling at High School Arrested for Institutional Sexual Assault of Student
  20. 2015_0812 West Goshen Police to Receive DA Commendation
  21. 2015_0728 Nurse Arrested for Stealing Drugs From Pocopson Nursing Home
  22. 2015_0721 Additional Sexual Assault Charges Filed Against Chester County DJ
  23. 2015_0717 Defendant Charged With Homicide In North Coventry Shooting
  24. 2015_0707 School Principal Arrested for Corruption of Minors
  25. 2015_0610 School Teacher in Willistown Arrested for Sexually Assaulting a Student
  26. 2015_0602 Arrest Made in Afghan Girl Art Theft
  27. 2015_0429 West Whiteland Man Charged With Murder for Neglecting Elderly Father
  28. 2015_0427 Correctional Officer and Inmates Arrested for Smuggling Drugs Into Chester County Prison
  29. 2015_0415 Berwyn Dentist Arrested for Distributing Drugs to His Wife and Staff
  30. 2015_0409 School Bus Driver Arrested After Leaving 7 Year Old Girl In Bus All Day
  31. 2015_0408 Chester County DJ Arrested for Sexual Assault, Invasion of Privacy, and Child Pornography
  32. 2015_0306 Chester County Highway Safety Project Introduces Law Awareness Week
  33. 2015_0224 East Fallowfield Police to Receive DA Commendation
  34. 2015_0220 DA and Chamber Offer Reward in Lincoln University Graffiti Case
  35. 2015_0206 Chester County District Attorney's Office Wins National Drug Investigation Award
  36. 2015_0205 West Goshen Death Ruled Self-Defense
  37. 2015_0203 District Attorneys Annual Awards Ceremony
  38. 2015_0128 District Attorney's Annual Awards Ceremony
  39. 2015_0107 Downingtown Police to Receive DA Commendation