1. 2018_1227 SWAT Team Sings Christmas Carol to Get Gunman to Surrender
  2. 2018_1220 Employee Embezzles Over $300K From Chester County Business
  3. 2018_1219 DAO Opens Criminal Investigation Into Mariner East Pipeline
  4. 2018_1214 Three New Chester County Prosecutors Sworn In
  5. 2018_1210 Chester County Attorney Joshua Janis Arrested Again For Fraud
  6. 2018_1116 SWAT Team Receives District Attorney Commendation
  7. 2018_1114 Man Charged With Homicide For Beating, Kicking Girlfriend To Death
  8. 2018_1105 Mother Kills 5-Year-Old Daughter By Pushing Her Down Stairs, Charged With Murder
  9. 2018_1030 West Chester University Theater Student Arrested For Recording Women In Public Bathrooms
  10. 2018_1016 District Attorney to Discuss School Shootings With Coatesville Parents and Teachers
  11. 2018_1005 DA Hogan Represents Pennsylvania For National District Attorneys Association
  12. 2018_0924 DA to Discuss School Shootings With Parents And Students
  13. 2018_0920 Investigation Into Retirement Community Murders Is Ongoing
  14. 2018_0919 Defendant Hakeem Smith Arrested in West Fallowfield Homicide
  15. 2018_0904 Homicide Victim Found in West Fallowfield Township
  16. 2018_0809 Chester County Police Use Lethality Assessment Program to Combat Domestic Violence
  17. 2018_0731 District Attorney Kicks Off Greater Brandywine YMCA Advocacy Event
  18. 2018_0730 Lawyer Charged With Defrauding Over 25 Clients
  19. 2018_0706 DAO Report on Troopers Discharging Firearms
  20. 2018_0626 Bank Manager, Borough Council Member Arrested for Embezzlement
  21. 2018_0614 Stranger Abducts and Sexually Assaults Four-Year-Old Girl
  22. 2018_0530 Andrea Cardamone Named Deputy District Attorney
  23. 2018_0524 Trooper-Involved Shooting In Avondale
  24. 2018_0524 Ben Martin: Doctor and Detective
  25. 2018_0517 A Snapshot of the Opioid Crisis in Chester County
  26. 2018_0501 Charges Filed in North Coventry, Phoenixville, and Valley Township Homicides
  27. 2018_0418 Brothers Wanted in West Chester Homicide Captured in Philadelphia
  28. 2018_0412 Charges Filed in West Chester Murder, Two Defendants Wanted
  29. 2018_0411 Homicide in West Chester at Star Social Club
  30. 2018_0404 Valley Twp Employee Embezzles Over $250K From Twp, Claims Shopping Addiction
  31. 2018_0313 Chester County Law Enforcement Is Prepared for Active Threat Incidents
  32. 2018_0301 Computer Forensic Investigations Explode For Chester County Law Enforcement
  33. 2018_0222 Murder Charges Announced in Death of Infant in Chester County
  34. 2018_0206 Chesco DAO Handles Record Number Of Child Abuse Reports
  35. 2018_0110 Arrest Made in South Coatesville Murder