1. 2019_1210 Kennett Official Charged with Embezzling Over 3 Million Dollars
  2. 2019_1203 Energy Transfer Official and Security Employees Charged with Bribery and Conspiracy Regarding Mariner East Pipeline
  3. 2019_1108 Woman's Skeletal Remains Found in Chester County
  4. 2019_1022 Man Charged With Stealing Nearly One Million Dollars From Condo Associations
  5. 2019_1010 Zero Homicides in Chester County
  6. 2019_1002 Chesco Drug Dealer Charged With Burning Corpse of Baby
  7. 2019_0924 Notice of Nuisance Action Regarding Pipeline
  8. 2019_0916 The Devils Roulette Wheel
  9. 2019_0912 Chester County Picks Off Kilo of Crystal Meth, Half Kilo of Fentanyl Laced Heroin
  10. 2019_0904 UPDATE: Shooting in East Vincent Township
  11. 2019_0903 Shooting in East Vincent Township
  12. 2019_0821 Downingtown Pastor Arrested for Stealing Money From St. Joseph's Catholic Church
  13. 2019_0808 State Constables Arrested for Official Oppression Related to Working on Mariner East Pipeline Project
  14. 2019_0730 School Resource Officer Arrest for Corruption of Minors
  15. 2019_0701 Chester County Records Zero Homicides for First Six Months of Year
  16. 2019_0530 Retired Police Officer Thwarts Armed Robbery of Gas Station
  17. 2019_0509 Over 30,000 Pounds of Prescription Drugs Collected to Help Fight Opioid Epidemic
  18. 2019_0402 Shooting in East Coventry Involving Juveniles
  19. 2019_0315 District Attorney's Office Report on Troopers Discharging Firearms
  20. 2019_0314 The Team That Tames The Child Abuse Monster
  21. 2019_0305 Michelle Frei Named Chief Deputy District Attorney
  22. 2019_0226 Coatesville Chief Named Chester County Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
  23. 2019_0219 Chester County Awarded Grant to Prevent Violence Against Women
  24. 2019_0215 Chester County Attorney Joshua Janis Arrested for Fifth Time
  25. 2019_0214 Police Find Drugs and Alligator During Search
  26. 2019_0206 Defendant Feeds Crystal Meth to Child, Leaves Children Alone in Car With Gun
  27. 2019_0201 Trooper-Involved Shooting In West Nottingham
  28. 2019_0122 Sinkholes and Hired Muscle on the Mariner East Pipelines
  29. 2019_0118 District Attorneys Office Donates to Safe Harbor
  30. 2019_0116 Pipeline Workers Obscene Message to Chester County Resident Draws Response from District Attorney
  31. 2019_0111 Chester County Attorney Joshua Janis Arrested for Fraud Yet Again
  32. 2019_0104 Former Federal Prosecutor Joins Team for Pipeline Investigation