1. 2021_1216 West Caln Police Officer Arrested for Shooting into Moving Car
  2. 2021_1208 Spring City Woman Found Dead in Home; Boyfriend Charged with Assault and Investigation Is Pending
  3. 2021_1207 Director of Westtown Malvern School Arrested for Failing to Report Child Abuse
  4. 2021_1115 Officer-Involved Shooting In West Caln Township
  5. 2021_1109 DAO Increases Size of Child Predator Task Force to Combat a 400% Increase in Cases
  6. 2021_1104 UPDATE Double Homicide and Suicide in Chester County
  7. 2021_1026 Childcare Worker Charged in Abuse of 3 Toddlers in Westtown
  8. 2021_0904 Manheim Man Charged With Attempted Murder For Stabbing Coatesville City Police Officer
  9. 2021_0825 Profesor De La Escuela Primaria Nottingham Acusado De Abuso Sexual de Estudiante
  10. 2021_0825 Nottingham Elementary School Teacher Charged With Sexual Abuse of Student
  11. 2021_0819 Two Philadelphia Men Charged With Sadsbury Twp Murder
  12. 2021_0813 West Chester Man Arrested for Child Pornography And Falsifying Military Documents
  13. 2021_0810 Wayne Woman Charged With Shooting
  14. 2021_0804 West Chester Man Charged with Sexual Abuse of Another Child
  15. 2021_0730 DAO Presents Awards to Law Enforcement, First Responders and Community Leaders
  16. 2021_0727 Former Church Farm School Houseparent Charged With Sexual Abuse of Student
  17. 2021_0712 Downingtown Man Charged With 100 Counts of Child Pornography
  18. 2021_0708 Former West Chester School Teacher Charged with Sexual Abuse of First-Grader
  19. 2021_0702 West Chester Teacher Charged with Sexual Abuse of Student
  20. 2021_0616 Disbarred Chesco Attorney Charged with Misappropriation of Almost $1 Million
  21. 2021_0611 Coatesville Man Charged in Fatal Shooting of Friend
  22. 2021_0604 Pennsylvania State Police Corporal Arrested for Obstruction and Tampering of Records
  23. 2021_0527 Gymnastics Teacher Charged With 200 Counts of Child Pornography
  24. 2021_0422 DAO Files Civil Action Against Mariner East Pipeline
  25. 2021_0419 Royersford Man Charged With Murder of Ex-Girlfriend
  26. 2021_0401 Adults Must Take Responsibility for Protecting Our Children
  27. 2021_0319 East Goshen Man Charged With Attempted Homicide After Shooting At Police
  28. 2021_0302 DAO Report on Officer-Involved Shooting
  29. 2021_0301 District Attorney's Office Report on Officer-Involved Shooting
  30. 2021_0212 Barricaded Man Shot at Police in East Goshen Standoff
  31. 2021_0209 Man Arrested for Stealing $1.25M in SBA Loans after Conviction of $1.4M Theft
  32. 2021_0205 DA’s Office Offers Free Child Abuse Prevention Training
  33. 2021_0201 County Collects Over 2.3 Tons of Unused Prescription Drugs in 2020
  34. 2021_0125 West Whiteland Township Family Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide