Strategic Plan Priorities and Goals

Health & Human Services Priority

Protect vulnerable people in the community while promoting healthy choices.

  1. Improve individual and community well-being through health promotion.
  2. Improve social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health.
  3. Improve access to and coordination of health services.
  4. Improve outcomes for overdose survivors.
  5. Improve home and school stability for at risk youth.
  6. Reduce the number of individuals with serious mental illness engaged with criminal justice system.

Public Safety Priority

Ensure safe and secure communities.

  1. Enhance public safety communication and technology.
  2. Reduce drug overdose and overdose deaths.
  3. Identify risks to the community and follow-up with an integrated investment of emergency response and prevention resources to reduce risk occurrence and impact.
  4. Recruit, retain, and support public safety professionals.
  5. Reduce recidivism.
  6. Support crime victims.

Economy Priority

Support the growth and development of a strong and vibrant economy for all residents.

  1. Foster entrepreneurship.
  2. Support business growth.
  3. Promote Chester County PA to become the premier Mid-Atlantic destination.
  4. Engage more Chester County employers in County workforce programs designed to connect job seekers with employment opportunities.

Growth, Preservation & Environment Priority

Manage growth and land use to preserve and optimize quality of life, effective transportation, and environmental assets for future generations.

  1. Advance the protection and stewardship of open space, farmland, and natural and cultural features.
  2. Protect and restore critical natural resources.
  3. Nurture diverse and well-rounded communities with a balance of residential opportunities and convenient access to community facilities, services, and amenities.
  4. Provide for diverse and affordable housing meeting the needs of all residents.
  5. Preserve the historic resources and landscapes that define our cultural heritage.
  6. Advance efficient, reliable, and innovative transportation, utility, and communications infrastructure systems that responsibly service thriving and growing communities.

Financial Management Priority

Continue to exercise sound financial management and maintain the County’s financial strength while minimizing the property tax burden.

  1. Maintain financial strength through responsible fiscal policy.
  2. Provide accurate real property valuations, tax roll certifications, and tax collection services.
  3. Protect County assets.

Governance Priority

Pursue excellence through exceptional customer service, transparency, accountability, and innovation.

  1. Deliver consistent, responsive, equitable, high-quality County services.
  2. Develop a highly engaged, diverse, culturally responsive, and high-performing County workforce.
  3. Enhance public communication and outreach.