Strategic Plan / Managing for Results

Cheser County Commissioners

Chester County Commissioners: Eric M. Roe, Josh Maxwell and Marian D. Moskowitz

We are committed to supporting our strategic plan that establishes priorities for the future of Chester County and increases accountability, transparency, and performance in Chester County Government.

Chester County was recognized for its performance management leadership with the Certificate of Achievement in Performance Management from the International City/County Management Association in 2019, 2020, and 2021, the final year of the award program.

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Strategic Priorities
Health & Human Services
Protect vulnerable people in the community while promoting healthy choices.
Public Safety
Ensure safe and secure communities.
Support the growth and development of a strong and vibrant economy for all residents.
Growth, Preservation & Environment 
Manage growth and land use to preserve and optimize quality of life, effective transportation, and environmental assets for future generations.
Financial Management
Continue to exercise sound financial management and maintain the County's financial strength while minimizing the property tax burden.
GovernancePursue excellence through exceptional customer service, transparency, accountability, and innovation.

Strategic Plan Priorities and Goals

The Strategic Plan Priorities and Goals, along with detailed department strategic plans and results data, are published in the County's annual Approved Budget. Printable version of the Strategic Plan Priorities and Goals. 

Managing for Results

Managing for Results is an ongoing performance management system connecting the processes of planning, budgeting, managing, and evaluating.

Managing for Results Continuous Cycle

Plan – Set priorities and goals establishing agreement around intended outcomes.

Budget – Use Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) to develop a strategic budget that both reflects our community values and ensures that residents will continue to receive a high level of County services.

Manage – Administer county business processes and service delivery to create the highest level of efficiency possible.

Measure and Report – Identify, collect, analyze, and report on indicators that show how well the County performs, both internally and in the delivery of services to the public, and how that performance compares with established targets.

Evaluate and Improve – Assess and adjust County government's direction in response to a changing environment

Measurement and reporting are an integral part of each process. Timely performance and management data are available to be used as tools with each process. Performance outcomes are reviewed and discussed as part of regular department head meetings with leadership. Result outcomes are published in the County's annual Approved Budget 

Quality of Life Survey

A Countywide Citizen Survey was conducted in 2023 as part of the review process for the 2024-2028 Strategic Plan.