Kimberly Bucklaw

Building a Research Foundation with the U.S. Federal Census

October 2, 2021 | 10:00AM-11:30AM (via Zoom)

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Join us as we explore what has proven to be one of the most valuable record sets available to genealogists today. Despite being widely available and easily accessible online, many family researchers never actually tap into the full potential of the U.S. federal census schedules because they simply haven’t learned to recognize and utilize everything they contain. In this course, you will learn the basics: what the census is and why it is created, how to search it effectively, and what kind of unique information you can expect to find in various years. We'll also show you how to interpret and use the data you find to build a strong foundation for future research.

Kimberly F.B. Bucklaw:

Kimberly F.B. Bucklaw is a historian, educator, and professional genealogist. Kim has a master’s degree in history from Temple University with a concentration in public history and archival studies. With nearly 20 years of research experience, she specializes in county government records and property research. Kim’s personal interests are African American social history and genealogy. After an extremely fulfilling decade-long career as an archivist in Chester County, Kim has recently made the exciting decision to pursue her goals of writing and building her own historical research and consulting business.