Housing in Chester County

Senior Housing Complexes

Most senior housing complexes rent apartments to people age 62 and older and/or younger people who have permanent disabilities. However, some also rent apartments to younger people who do not have disabilities and/or families.

View a directory of apartment complexes for seniors in Chester County.

Apartment Locator

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency has an Apartment Locator in which you can plug in our county to see what apartments are currently open and the rental cost.

Home Sharing

To address the challenge that so many women in our region face in finding affordable housing, Home of the Sparrow is proud to operate the Shared Housing Program. The program matches low income women in need of homes with home providers who are able to share their homes at an affordable cost. For more information, contact the Shared Housing Coordinator at 610-647-5256.

Chester County Department of Community Development (DCD)

The DCD allocates Federal, State, and County funds to activities that create and maintain affordable housing opportunities in Chester County. This page describes how funding supports housing development, housing rehabilitation, and first-time homebuyers' programs.In addition, there are links to other websites related to affordable housing.