Chester County 2020 Impaired Waters Map Series

In Chester County there were 16 unique causes for water impairments per the 2020 Integrated List. Chester County Water Resources Authority has developed a map series that shows the locations of streams listed as "impaired" by PADEP. The 2020 Integrated Water Quality report was published as a final document in December 2020 (link to report on the PADEP web site).
The map series begins with a map that includes all causes of impairment, followed by 16 maps that show the location of streams that are "impaired" by unique causes of impairment.  

Nomenclature Changes

To meet USEPA requirements, several nomenclature changes to PADEP’s sources and causes were needed. The following changes were made, and noted with asterisks if they impact ChesCo. Moving forward, PADEP will only use source and cause nomenclature approved by USEPA.

Map IW-1-2020 illustrates all streams that have
at least one listed impairment.
List of changes to Causes of Impairments that affect Chester County …

Prior Nomenclature Current Nomenclature 
Excessive Algal Growth Algae
Flow Alterations Flow Regime Modification or Dewatering
Organic Enrichment/Low D.O. Organic Enrichment
Other Habitat Alterations Habitat Alterations
Suspended Solids Total Suspended Solids
Water/Flow Variability Flow Regime Modification